Achieve English Fluency in 3 Weeks through Immersion

November 8, 2016
8 November 2016,

Are you someone who can read and write in English well but is struggling to achieve English fluency when speaking? Do you get stuck when speaking English even when you know the right word to use? Is your pronunciation different from Native English speakers you see on TV or interact with? All these are common challenges faced by thousands of […]

Why Talking in English is a Challenge to most English Learners

August 14, 2016
14 August 2016,

The greatest challenge for most English learners is that they can’t communicate in English normally. Most English learners can read and write English well. But when it comes to talking in English they struggle. Most non-native English learners get stuck in the middle of sentences. They struggle to pronounce certain sounds and understand idioms and slang used by Native English […]