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3 Awesome ways to Improve Spoken English Online

January 31, 2017
31 January 2017,

Many English learners want to improve Spoken English online but are not sure how to do so. If you have a vocabulary of around 300 words and know basic grammar rules, it is definitely possible to improve Spoken English online. This blog posts explains some ways you can accelerate your learning process. Set “word of the day” alerts Subscribe to […]

4 Biggest Myths About Learning English

May 19, 2015
19 May 2015,

Let’s face it – most English language courses are useless! Most English courses waste both time and money. You will sit in classrooms where the teacher speaks most of the time, you will be asked to memorize hundreds of grammar rules and at the end you will be give some kind of fancy certificate. But in most cases you will […]

Expand your vocabulary with these 10 English words

April 21, 2015
21 April 2015,

At Spoken English Practice, we believe that no one should spend money to learn new words. There are so many easy ways to learn new words free on the Internet. Our blog is one of them. So if you don’t come here often, pls feel free to follow us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter to get our latest posts.Before […]

Why Learning English is like learning to ride a bike

April 15, 2015
15 April 2015,

As an English language School that helps thousands of English learners everyday we often hear students say “I learned English in school but I can’t speak well” or “I know English but when I try to speak I get stuck” or “I know a lot of English words but can’t use them when talking”. If you summarize most of these statements, […]