How to use Debates to Improve Spoken English skills

November 10, 2017
10 November 2017,

A debate is a discussion between two teams on a specific subject or topic, which engages every member of the club and is an excellent way to help learn English.   Convert the English classroom in to two debate teams The classroom is divided into two teams.  One team then argues ‘for’ the topic and the other team argues ‘against’ […]

8 Examples on how Real Spoken English is different from Textbook English

July 10, 2017
10 July 2017,

Here’s the thing. Most English language learners learn ‘textbook English’. However, most native English speakers speak ‘Real Spoken English’. What’s the difference? The difference can be perfectly described in this conversation: Textbook English Sara: “Hello Frank. What are you doing today?” Real Spoken English Sara: “Hey Frank! What’s up?”   See the difference?   The problem is most schools, classes, […]

5 Ways to Improve Spoken English Naturally

February 23, 2016
23 February 2016,

At Spoken English Practice, we asked our students what their biggest challenge was to improving English. The biggest challenge for most English language learners is that they can’t speak English naturally. Let me explain further: Most non native English learners get stuck in the middle of sentences. Most English learners also think in their native language and translate resulting in […]