3 Tricks to Sound More Confident When Speaking in English

June 25, 2017
25 June 2017,

English is a challenging language to learn. It is often listed as one of the most complex languages due to its roots in German, French, Afrikkan, and many others. You can do something to make it a bit easier on yourself by following these three tricks that will make you sound more confident when speaking in English. Slow down Speaking […]

11 Common Mistakes English Learners make when Speaking English

April 26, 2017
26 April 2017,

The English language can be quite tricky! There are a few common mistakes many English language learners make when speaking English. In fact, many native English speakers can make some of these mistakes once in awhile. Read up on these 11 common mistakes English learners make when speaking English!   Forgetting to say ‘the’   In English, ‘the’ is called the […]

5 Tips to become a more confident English Speaker

January 26, 2017
26 January 2017,

Do you know grammar and vocabulary but still not a confident English speaker? Have you studied English for years but still get scared and nervous when speaking in English? We have 5 tips on how become a more confident English Speaker. Speak a little slower than usual So often the words are spoken so fast the words are either combined […]