Why Oral English Lessons must be Conversational

October 16, 2016
16 October 2016,

As a a global English language school that interacts with thousands of students everyday, we are firm believers that all Oral English lessons must be Conversational. Our approach is Fluency First and we focus on Real English. In this blog post, we are going to talk about why a Fluency First, Real English approach is critical for anyone learning English. […]

Spoken English For Professionals – Tips and Tricks

February 19, 2016
19 February 2016,

If you google the phrase “Spoken English for Professionals” you will get thousands of search results. The reason is Spoken English is a critical skill to be succesful as a professional. You could have great technical skills but if you can’t communicate fluently in English, your career progress will be slow. What are some tips for professionals who want to […]