The Idiom Challenge: 13 Idioms to Learn in the Next 13 Days

December 4, 2015
4 December 2015,

If you can understand every word in a conversation or a text but still fail to understand it, chance are you are having trouble with idioms. Learning idioms is an important part of taking your English to the next level – from intermediate to advanced. Idioms are an integral part of the English language. Native English speakers, specially when they […]

10 must-know Phrasal Verbs for English Language Learners

June 5, 2015
5 June 2015,

Let’s start with  a quick introduction to Phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are idiomatic phrases that comprise a verb plus another element, for example an adverb or preposition. The meaning of the phrasal verb can not be deduced by understanding the elements in isolation. It is essential for advanced English speakers to understand phrasal verbs in order to enhance their communication […]

Are you an Intermediate ESL Student? Expand your Vocabulary with these New Words.

April 4, 2015
4 April 2015,

You need to expand your vocabulary to progress from an intermediate English language learner to an advanced learner.  An improved vocabulary helps you better communicate; it is easier to understand and be understood during conversation. Additionally, a diverse vocabulary gives you more options during conversations, to better express your thoughts. Consider the difference between “That’s a nice painting” and “The […]