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7 Great Things about Learning Spoken English on Skype

September 14, 2017
14 September 2017,

With the use of technology, students can learn to speak English with an English-speaking tutor wherever the student and tutor both live.  Learning spoken English on Skype in this way is a fantastic way to improve one’s fluency accent.  All the tutor and student need is internet connection, a computer (or tablet/smartphone) and a headset.   Learn a language wherever […]

7 Benefits of Skype English Practice

February 13, 2017
13 February 2017,

At first, learning the English language may seem like an overwhelming challenging. But once you discover the ease and efficiency of Skype English practice, your fears will be alleviated. Active conversation is the most efficient way to learn any new language! Skype English practice keeps you engaged and helps you stay driven. You’ll be able to actively see your progress and […]

Meet Native English Teacher Sharon

June 25, 2015
25 June 2015,

In this series of introducing some of our English Conversation Partners, we feature Sharon. Sharon has previosuly worked as a English langauge tutor at Inter Pals and is really enthusiastic  about connecting with ESL students around the world.  Today she shares some of her insights teaching English and helping students become fluent. If you are interested in scheduling a trial […]

Why Skype English Classes are a Great Idea and How They Improve Fluency

December 1, 2014
1 December 2014,

Improving fluency in English or any language is not something you can achieve through reading newsletters or clicking though software. Newsletters and software (like Rosetta Stone) are great to teach you the basics of the English language. They can share role play ideas and teach basic grammar patterns. But they are poor tools to make you more fluent in English, […]