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4 proven strategies to improve your Spoken English fast

July 22, 2015
22 July 2015,

Learning English or any other language is hard. However, you will only make it harder for yourself if you blindly spend money on expensive English teachers or courses that will only focus on theoretical English (i.e.nouns, verbs, adverbs etc.) Learning English is a bit like learning to ride a bike. Did you memorize bike manuals or did you just start […]

This 28 Minute Study Routine Will Help You Improve English on your Own!

June 8, 2015
8 June 2015,

Do you want to improve English fast? If the answer is YES, please read on. Most of us spend extremely busy lives. Jobs, dropping kids to school, groceries, gym, bills, dinner, cleaning, laundry…the list only gets longer everyday. With everything else that goes on in your life, you really need to be efficient about how you maximize the time you […]

Want to be fluent in English? Start doing these 5 things today

May 14, 2015
14 May 2015,

Have you been studying English for years but still not fluent? The good news is this is not uncommon for most English language learners. The biggest obstacle to learn English is the wrong, illogical methods used by most English courses around the world – methods that are in fact counterproductive and will destroy your confidence! Here are some simple tips […]

How to start and run an English Speaking club effectively

March 15, 2015
15 March 2015,

 Starting an English Speaking club (or an English conversation circle) is one of the best ways to improve Spoken English. English clubs allow English language learners to practice speaking in an informal, relaxed environment. English speaking clubs primarily help participants improve 2 skills – speaking and listening. If you are looking to be more fluent in English and gain confidence, […]

Improving your accent: Don’t make it too technical!

February 19, 2015
19 February 2015,

Improving Accent is not easy. The pace that you speak and the way you make certain sounds is highly dependent on your first language. So having a thick accent when speaking English is not something to be stressed about as long as you speak fluently and clearly. Here are some ideas on improving Accent without being overly technical and fussy […]