13 Creative Ways to Improve English Listening on your Own

February 22, 2018
22 February 2018,

The best way to improve your English is to practise by listening to spoken English daily.  Even for 10 to 15 minutes per day.  Whether on the way to work or doing exercise or cooking, it is easy to listen to English at the same time.  This helps you learn new vocabulary, rhythm and accent.  Here are 13 creative ways […]

7 Podcasts That Are Ideal to Improve English Listening Skills

September 8, 2017
8 September 2017,

Back in the day, families would gather around their radios to listen to their favorite radio shows. Radios and radio shows still exist today, but they are not the only form of entertainment anymore. The internet and other digital media have taken over as many people’s preferred entertainment.  But the concept of a radio show- listening to people discuss a […]

7 Smart Ways to Improve English Listening Skills

May 30, 2017
30 May 2017,

English listening skills are critical for mastering the English language. No form of communication is effective without active and accurate listening. Fortunately, there are many smart ways to improve your English listening skills.   Online courses   You’ll find a plethora of free online educational courses available on the internet, many of them in English. Online courses are a great […]

Meet IELTS Tutor Melinda

February 17, 2017
17 February 2017,

Tell us about your past experiences as an IELTS tutor? I’m a CELTA qualified, IELTS tutor from the UK, with over 8 years experience working with ESL students. I taught English communication classes at University level in Singapore for three and a half years, as well as Business English to university staff and office workers. I tutored IELTS/ TOEIC/ TOEFL exam preparation, Academic Writing classes, […]

5 Strategies to improve English Listening skills

February 7, 2016
7 February 2016,

Frustrated of not been able to understand naïve English speakers in real conversations? Do you find native English speakers too fast when they speak? Or are native English accents hard for you to pick up? Or is the English slang and idioms used by native English speakers too confusing? These are all common challenges faced by English learners around the […]