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13 Creative Ways to Improve English Listening on your Own

February 22, 2018
22 February 2018,

The best way to improve your English is to practise by listening to spoken English daily.  Even for 10 to 15 minutes per day.  Whether on the way to work or doing exercise or cooking, it is easy to listen to English at the same time.  This helps you learn new vocabulary, rhythm and accent.  Here are 13 creative ways […]

7 Tips to Help Improve English Listening Skills

December 19, 2016
19 December 2016,

We write a lot in this space about how to improve your English speaking skills, but a major component of that process is to improve English listening skills. Listening in a focused and attentive way will help you speak more naturally and intuitively, rather than as though you were reading from a textbook. Below you’ll find seven top tips to improve […]

5 Strategies to improve English Listening skills

February 7, 2016
7 February 2016,

Frustrated of not been able to understand naïve English speakers in real conversations? Do you find native English speakers too fast when they speak? Or are native English accents hard for you to pick up? Or is the English slang and idioms used by native English speakers too confusing? These are all common challenges faced by English learners around the […]

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