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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Group English Lessons

How is your method different?

Our classes are 100% conversational. Classes are discussions on various topics like TED talks, technology, business, science, politics, culture etc. You improve speaking with practice, not memorization.

We are looking for English lessons for children aged 8 - 12. Can you customize the program?

Yes, we can. For every group, we design discussion topics that are relevant. For example, for children between ages 8 - 14 we would use discussion topics like cartoons, sports, history, space travel, music etc.

We want to get our employees trained so that they can communicate better with US clients. Do you provide special programs for this?

Yes, our group English lessons are 100% customized to the group's need. In this instance we will provide a US teacher who has experience talking about technology, software projects, business negotiations etc. We can even have a teacher from the same region of the US as your client so that the accent/pronunciation is compatible.

What is the schedule for group English lessons?

Since classes are fully customized to your group, you can pick any schedule you prefer. For example you can have 3 lessons a week, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday from 9 - 11 AM

How are lessons conducted?

Group Spoken English classes are conducted via Skype video (Zoom or Google Hangouts also possible). Your group can be in one location or multiple locations logged in to Skype. The teacher will be at the other end. We recommend using headphone and keeping video turned on

What is the fee structure?

Fees for group Spoken English classes vary by the size of the group and the frequency of classes. You can use the "request quote" option to get a custom quote for your group.
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