Want To Talk English Like an American? Learn These 15 Idioms

November 17, 2017
17 November 2017,

Idioms are phrases or sayings with meanings that are different than what is actually being said. In other words, they should not be taken literally. For example, if someone is “in the same boat” as someone else, it means they are in the same situation. They are not actually in a boat together. There are many different idioms that have […]

3 things to consider before selecting a Business English Course

May 28, 2015
28 May 2015,

Business English Courses (also known as Adult English Courses) are targeted towards people with jobs. The general perception is that Business English Courses are more suited for working professionals than standard General English Courses. An important questions that comes up often is “what kind of Business English Course do I need to take to improve English?”. The answer, unfortunately, for […]