The process of improving Spoken English

October 15, 2013
15 October 2013,
The process of improving Spoken English is in so many ways similar to the process of losing weight.

To lose weight, eating healthy is a must. However, just eating healthy usually does not give you the results you expect, as quickly as you like.  You need to go to the gym and workout 2-3 times a week. If you can also spend time outside the gym to run, hike, bike and swim, you will burn more even more calories. You can also take a Zumba or Yoga class every week to give your body a different type of workout.

The process of improving spoken English

On top of all this, you can also get the support of dietary supplements and various other medications that will expedite the process and allow you to achieve your end goal faster. If you combine all these activities, you will see amazing results faster. The sum product of all these different elements is larger than that of the individual pieces.


The process of improving English…


The process of improving your ability to speak English is a lot similar in many ways. You need to spend time, continuously improving your grammar skills and expanding your vocabulary. Learn 2-3 new words every day, and expand your vernacular.  Remember, this is an ongoing process. But don’t stop there – if you are writing a blog or a journal try to use these words in sentences and make them part of your active vocabulary. Watch movies and TV shows where English is spoken by natives. Listen to good English radio channels such as NPR or BBC. Speak with friends and colleagues in English. And most importantly, dedicate a few hours every week to speaking English with native English speakers through a service like Spoken English Practice. Just like in the case of losing weight, combining all these activities will create a more powerful total impact, and will help you improve your Spoken English faster.

And just like a healthy lifestyle is something you should be pursued over a long of period of time, the process of improving your spoken English should be something you build in to your lifestyle. Just like losing weight, speaking perfect English is not something you can magically achieve overnight. The more consistent and persistent you can be with your process, over a period of time, a better English speaker you will become.