Meet Native UK English Tutor Paul

October 18, 2015
18 October 2015,

Tell us a bit about your past experiences working as an UK English Tutor

Previously I have spent one year working as an UK English tutor in a secondary school in France. In my spare time I have also provided private one-to-one English tutoring to a number of young people. Thanks to these experiences, I really appreciate the challenges which arise in learning English and I feel very confident in explaining language structure. Using a clear and engaging conversational style, I can offer you a helpful space to practise your English whilst feeling supported and challenged in equal measure.

UK English Teacher Paul

Tell us more about your education?

Having gained my GCSE and A-Level qualifications from a prestigious London grammar school, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in French and Italian from the University of Warwick – an institution regularly ranked in the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom. A solid understanding of modern British English has helped me thrive as an UK English Tutor.

I have always been fascinated by learning languages, studying French, Italian, German, Japanese and Latin at various times in my education.


How would you describe a typical English lesson at Spoken English Practice? 

I like to tailor my lessons to meet with your unique needs. Therefore I will ask you about your favorite topics and I will use my creativity to stimulate your learning, whether through pure conversation, pictures or videos.

Towards the end of the lesson I can share with you my feedback on your conversational English and offer specific learning points so that you can keep improving your grammar and vocabulary.


What are your favorite conversation topics?

As a counsellor in training, I am always interested in hearing about people’s experiences and stories – so don’t be afraid to tell me about yourself and what is important to you! I enjoy conversations of different depths, from personal experiences to philosophy to something more light-hearted like sport.


In your experience, what area in English do students need the most help? Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or something else? How would you address this in your classes?

English grammar and pronunciation can be unpredictable. In my experience as an UK English Tutor, engaging in conversation is the best way to identify and learn about inconsistencies in the English language, rather than via a textbook.


What are your top 3 tips to ESL students around the world?


A little bit about what you like to do when you are not teaching English.

Outside of teaching, I balance counseling studies with part time work for two charities. I enjoy reading, sports (particularly soccer, dodgeball and golf) and socializing.


What kind of students do you prefer?

I prefer to work with students who are genuinely enthusiastic about learning English and are willing to take risks and make mistakes as they learn!