20 Examples of Informal Slang Americans Use in Real Conversations

July 25, 2016
25 July 2016,

English is an evolving language and English that millennials (People born in the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s) use is significantly different from what older generations used. With the advent of social media and texting which is the main medium of communication for this generation, came an entirely new set of informal slang expressions that are not taught in formal ESL textbooks.

So why are learning these informal slang expressions important to English learners? First, informal slang is a huge part of conversations that happen day to day. For example, if you are an international student who just moved to the US, you would hear a lot of informal slang when having conversations fellow American students. If you do not know these expressions, you will find communicating very tough.

In this post, we have intentionally focused on modern informal slang used mostly in American campuses and workplaces dominated by young people.

Informal Slang Americans Use in Real Conversations

What’s up

It is a greeting that is used to say Hi or Hello. You can respond with “Noting much” or “I have been busy with work” or “How are you doing”

Example – What’s up man!


How’s it going

Another form of greeting,  meaning to Hi or Hello. You can respond with “I’m going well” or “I’m ok, you?”

Example – How’s it going dude?


All set

Means I’m good or I’m ready or No, thanks, I’m fine.

Example – Do you need any help with the assignment? No. I’m all set.


Means a person (male) who is nasty and arrogant

Example – That guy is such a douche


I’m good

Means I’m ok/ No, thank you

Example – Do you want more sugar with coffee? I’m good.


Staying out of trouble

Means not do do anything bad/not to do anything that would get me in trouble

Example – How have you been? I have been good. Staying out of trouble.



Means relaxing or doing nothing special

This picture is the best example we can think of 🙂

Informal Slang

On point

Means perfect or as good as it can be.

Example – The restaurant was great. The food was on point and the service was fantastic.


A term American use to address other individuals (male)

Example – Dude, I have been trying to reach you for 3 days.


Refers to something disgusting

Example – “That’s just gross” Anna said after seeing Mark drinking the 3 day old milk.

Hang out

Means we should spend some time together.

Example – We should hang out sometime


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Refers to a silly/stupid person (said in a harmless way)

Example – He is a total goofball.


Pig out

Means over-eating

Example – Chris loved to pig out at Chipotle during the semester.


A period when an activity* is done in an excessive way (typically drinking or eating)


Means great or fantastic

Example – Curtis got a sweet offer from his employer.

No kidding

Means “Correct, I know that”


Person A – That assignment really horrible

Person B – Yeah, no kidding