Improve English Speaking in 3 weeks with this Study Plan!

September 16, 2016
16 September 2016,

Do you want to Improve English Speaking in 3 weeks? It is not easy but you can make a significant improvement in weeks if you  think logically and use a smart routine. Here is a routine we developed at Spoken English Practice that has helped many  intermediate level ESL students Improve English Speaking in 3 weeks.

Study Plan to Improve English Speaking in 3 weeks – 1o hours a week, for 3 weeks

Conversation Practice with a Native English Teacher (6 hours a week)

Many ESL students know grammar and vocabulary but struggle to speak fluently. If you goal is to improve English speaking in 3 weeks, it is important to find ways to practice speaking English with people who speak it. Consistent speaking practice will increase fluency and confidence, and it will only become easier over time. The best way for a student to improve English Speaking in 3 weeks is to simply speak English as much as possible. Find an English teacher who acts more like conversation partner – someone will who gently correct your mistakes than interrupt even sentence you say.

Goal – Improve Fluency, Improve Confidence

Improve English Speaking Naturally

Learn Phrases, Slang and Idioms, NOT individual words (1.5 hours a week)

English speaking is full of slang, mixed use of tenses and all sorts of grammatically confusing sentences. You must speak as much as you can, as often as you can with native speakers, and not think too much about mistakes. You will learn the most by doing. This should be your main priority if you want to improve English speaking in 3 weeks.

However, we recommend that you spend some time expanding your vocabulary by learning phrases, idioms and slang. It can be tempting to learn individual words, but for progressing your English speaking you need to understand how the word works in a phrase. Whenever you learn a new word focus on the context of that word rather than the word itself. Take the time to write down the entire sentence it is in. This will gradually allow you to learn new words without even intending to, in other words, expanding your active vocabulary.

Goal – Improve Active Vocabulary

Reading Practice (1 hour a week)

This is also an exercise aimed that training your brain to process in English. Rather than just reading random books, try English is reading a book you have already read in your native tongue, however, this time, read it in the English language version. By re-reading the same novel you will have a grasp of the plot: you will not be wasting your time struggling to understand what the book is actually about, instead you will be more focused on learning sentence styles.

If you want to improve English speaking in 3 weeks, you must train your brain to “think in English”. For that, reading is essential.

Goal – Improve Fluency, Improve Understanding of sentence structures

Learn Lyrics of 10 English songs (1.5 hours a week)

This might sound silly but singing is great way to  improve your pronunciation and enuncation skills.  Pick 10 English songs you like. Memorize the lyrics. Focus on how words are connected in the song and listen carefully to the sounds of the words. Now sing along with the song – over and over and over – until you can mimic the exact performance of the artist. Master one song and then repeat the process with another one. Suddenly, you’ll find that the words in the songs are ones you’ll be able to pronounce and use perfectly in everyday English.

Goal – Improve Pronunciation, Improve Accent

Learning English can be challenging, but it is something you can do. If you practice frequently, speak with native English speakers, and stop worrying about grammar rules  you will be amazed at how much you can learn.