Frequently Asked Questions

How much English do I need to know?
You should have some asic English skills. Spoken English Practice’s program is targeted towards non- native English speakers who want to go from an elementary level to an advanced level in spoken English.

What is a session (Or lesson) with a Native English Speaker like?
A session will be identical to you having a conversation with a native English speaker. You can talk about simply anything – from sports to movies to culture to politics. Native English speakers at Spoken English Practice are trained to conduct these sessions in such a way that you get maximum chances to talk in English.

What areas in my English can I expect to improve?
You will become more fluent in English.You will speak more effortlessly, you will sound more natural, and you will become more spontaneous. Over time, you pronunciation will improve making it easier for native English speakers to understand you. You will develop better listening skills, which will allow you to quickly and correctly understand native speakers in real life conversations.

What countries do you get students from?
We have helped students from over 100 countries develop their conversational English.

Examples of countries/cities of some recent ESL students we have worked with : Shanghai (China), Mumbai (India), Moscow (Russia), Tokyo (Japan), San Paulo (Brazil), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Bangkok (Thailand), Ho Chi Min (Vietnam), Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Istanbul (Turkey), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Berlin (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), Budapest (Hungary), Bucharest (Romania), Warsaw  (Poland), Seoul (South Korea), Chennai (India), Munich (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Yerevan (Armenia), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Madrid (Spain), Hanoi (Vietnam), Beijing (China), Delhi (India), Jakarta (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Kathmandu (Nepal), Male (Maldives) etc

Do you teach grammar?
Our focus is in helping you Speak English naturally, without having to process grammar rules in your head. At Spoken English Practice it is our experience that focusing too heavily on grammar will slow you down when learning to speak English.

Who is a Native English Speaker?
A Native English Speaker is someone who has learned and used English from early childhood. All our Native Speakers are from the US and UK.

Are Native English Speaker English language professors?
No. This is what makes our program unique and effective. We do not teach English. We create opportunities for you to practice with real people – the kind of people who you’d meet at a business function or in graduate school. You will have real conversations in English, not silly role plays. We hire people who are good conversationalists and who are good listeners. We also make sure we hire native English speakers who have traveled across the world, who are knowledgeable in a lot of areas and who love interacting with people around the world. All of our native English speakers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

How do I schedule sessions with a Native English Speaker?
The Spoken English Practice programs page outlines how you can reserve sessions.

How often should I speak with a Native English Speaker?
3 times a week is ideal. If you prefer more sessions a week, we can arrange this.

At what times do the sessions take place?
Our sessions take place 7AM to 11PM EST. Check the programs page for information on what times sessions can be scheduled.

Where should I go for my session?
You don’t need to go anywhere. All sessions are conducted through the internet, via Skype.

Where do you have office locations?
Currently we have offices in Boston, London and Sydney. We are planning in opening brand new Spoken English Centers in China, Brazil and Russia.

How long are the sessions?
Each session lasts 30 minutes. It is our experience that 30 minutes is the optimal duration for 1-to-1 conversations. If you prefer 1 hour sessions instead of 30 minutes, we can arrange this.

What’s the cost, and how do I pay?
Our programs are very affordable and start at $99. Please check the Programs section on our website for full details. You can pay by credit card or PayPal through our secure payment gateway. You will get a confirmation email within minutes. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

What do I need to have for a session?
You need a computer with Internet access, a microphone, and speakers. The native English speaker will call you via Skype so you need to have Skype on your computer. You can get Skype downloaded easily here

What is your class cancellation policy?
You must inform us 24 hours in advance. E.g. If the class is starting at 9AM EST Monday, you should inform us before 9AM EST Sunday. Missed classes without 24 hour notice or late arrivals to class (Our conversation partners will wait for 10 minutes if you are late) will result in the loss of a class.

What happens if Spoken English Practice cancels a session?
You will not be charged if Spoken English Practice cancels a session. Spoken English Practice will e-mail to set up a makeup session.

Is Skype reliable enough for 30 minute spoken English practice sessions with native speakers?
Skype is typically a very reliable method of making free voice calls over the Internet. You can make a free Skype Test call to see sound quality. Also, please make sure you use a set of good earphones and speakers.

Is Skype a free service? How can I get it?
Yes.Skype is a free software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet Downloading Skype is free and will only take you 3-4 minutes. You can find the Skype download link here.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we do! When you buy 5 x 60 sessions ($539.95 x 5), you will get a 6th absolutely FREE (A discount of $539.95!). This is actually a very popular option for families and groups of friends. For larger groups or corporate bookings, pls email for special rates and packages.

Please email any other questions you have to We will get back to you within 3 business days.