Achieve English Fluency in 3 Weeks through Immersion

November 8, 2016
8 November 2016,

Are you someone who can read and write in English well but is struggling to achieve English fluency when speaking? Do you get stuck when speaking English even when you know the right word to use? Is your pronunciation different from Native English speakers you see on TV or interact with?

All these are common challenges faced by thousands of English language leaners everyday. Achieving English fluency as an adult is not easy. Today, we are going to discuss a study plan that will help you gain English fluency through 4 key immersion techniques. If you can follow this routine perfectly, we expect you to see a significant improvement in English fluency within 3 weeks!

Key to English fluency – Surround yourself with English Speaking People (All Day Activity)

Rather than spending your free time with people who speak your own language, take the time to spend it with fluent English speaking friends. If you befriend other English speakers, you will challenge yourself in speaking the English language efficiently. You will also pick up on “slang conversations” that will help you learn outside the classroom experience.

Join an English Conversation club in your area. Or even better start one. If you don’t have access to Native English speakers, join an community like Spoken English Practice and start working with a Native English teacher.

Improve English Speaking Naturally

Immerse in English movies, podcasts, TED Talks etc (2 hours a day)

The Internet is at your fingertips, so why not use it to help you take your English fluency to the next level? Watch a podcast, YouTube video or a television show – listen and repeat what people are saying. Choose a part of the show or video and repeat it line by line, pause and take your time. Keep a notebook next to you for any new expressions you hear.

Consume all types of English media. The more movies and TV shows you watch in English, the more English books you read, and the more English music you listen to, the better your understanding will be. Also, TED Talks are a great resource we use in out English lessons that help more advanced ESL student gain native level English fluency.

Bonus tip – Even try recording yourself so you can play it back and listen to how you sound. Are you saying the “S” sounds at the end of sentences correctly? What about the W and V sounds? Understand the gaps in your pronunciation. This process will help you fine tune your pronunciation. 

Learn 10 New Words a day – 30 minutes

Expanding your vocabulary is beneficial to English fluency in a few ways. Firstly, the more words you know, the more ways you have to say something. Second, an expanded vocabulary means a higher active vocabulary so you minimize chances of getting stuck when speaking English.

Learn 10 new words every day for 3 weeks. This will mean you have learned around 200 new words. (Words can be idioms, slang, phrasal verbs etc). Keep a notebook and write down new words actively. Writing down words will give your mind a specific memory to hold on to, and you will much less likely to forget it in the future.

Adding new words to your vocabulary as often as possible will help you express yourself clearly to anyone you’re speaking with. After a while of practicing this, go look through the words you have written down and see which ones you use regularly, and which you’ve mostly forgotten about. This will keep you fresh, and always learning new words.

Achieving English fluency is just like learning sales dancing. You need to practice the skills you have already mastered, but you need to expose yourself to new concepts and ideas as well. Keep applying this immersion based routine and we are sure you will make great progress in your English fluency level.