How to Pick a Great Online English Course

February 25, 2016
25 February 2016,

Online English courses come in all sizes and shapes. Some call themselves Business English courses. There are professional English courses and executive English courses. Then there are Skype English courses and Language exchange courses. Whatever the name is, when you pick an Online English course you are investing a lot of time and money. Hence, picking the right online English […]

Meet Native English Teacher Arthur

August 3, 2015
3 August 2015,

At Spoken English Practice, the cornerstone to our success is our “100% Conversation based” English teaching approach. We teach Real Spoken English! Our speciality is that we pair English language learners with Native English Speakers and allow them to practice English Speaking 1 on 1 over Skype.  Every week we introduce one of our Native English teachers (Conversation Partners, as […]

4 biggest myths about learning English

May 19, 2015
19 May 2015,

Let’s face it – most English language courses are useless! Most English courses waste both time and money. You will sit in classrooms where the teacher speaks most of the time, you will be asked to memorize hundreds of grammar rules and at the end you will be give some kind of fancy certificate. But in most cases you will […]

Want to be fluent in English? Start doing these 5 things today

May 14, 2015
14 May 2015,

Have you been studying English for years but still not fluent? The good news is this is not uncommon for most English language learners. The biggest obstacle to learn English is the wrong, illogical methods used by most English courses around the world – methods that are in fact counterproductive and will destroy your confidence! Here are some simple tips […]

5 signs the English speaking course you attend sucks

February 4, 2015
4 February 2015,

Not all English speaking courses are created equal. In fact, most don’t work. Most English speaking courses are designed using obsolete language teaching methods that do not work anymore. For a student trying to speak better English, picking the right English Course is critical, as it is a huge investment both in terms of time and money. Here are some […]