62 Topics for “Free Talk” Spoken English Lessons

November 10, 2016
10 November 2016,

Most English students need to learn how to converse naturally after gaining basic level grammar and vocabulary knowledge. This requires frequent free talk and which should be based on their interests in order to keep them motivated to learn. While doing so, they will pick up the correct pronunciation and feel of the language with the teacher/conversation partners help. What […]

10 Idioms that every intermediate English speaker should know and use!

January 14, 2015
14 January 2015,

Idioms are an important part of any language. Whether you are writing an office email or doing a business presentation, using idioms can make you look eloquent and explain your point better. Idioms can make your message more interesting and polished. And sometimes, especially when doing business, you have to communicate to impress as much as to express!