6 Advanced Grammar Rules To Improve Your English Speaking

February 14, 2017
14 February 2017,

English is known for its crazy grammar rules. Although they might seem intimidating at first, learning these rules is crucial for improving your English speaking, and communicating properly or fluently. The purpose of the grammar rules is to give the English language some sort of structure. Without it, communicating and getting your message across would be much more difficult. This […]

The ONLY 4 English Grammar Rules You Need to Know to Speak Fluent English

January 5, 2016
5 January 2016,

First things first, learning grammar is a terrible way to learn English speaking. If your past Spoken English teachers spent hours and hours teaching you grammar, that is probably the reason you are not still fluent in English. Focusing on too much grammar will actually negatively affect your ability to improve fluency in speaking. This is why Spoken English Practice’s […]