Why a Children’s English Course is a Smart Investment

November 7, 2016
7 November 2016,

Unless you’re born to native English speakers, or someone you’re related to is an English teacher, the fact is that it will cost money to learn to speak English fluently. Whether you choose a English Course for Children, conversation lessons, a private tutor, or some combination, you’ll be paying someone to teach your kids. So determining when, and whether, to […]

9 Classics that will help Children Learn English Naturally

October 14, 2016
14 October 2016,

Want to see your children learn English at a young age and speak fluently? If you are a non-native English speaker/user but want your children to learn English early, you must expose them to reading and using the English language at a young age. The best time to learn English is when you are young and when your brain is still […]

7 Fun Ways to Help Children Learn English Speaking

March 11, 2016
11 March 2016,

Do you want your child to learn English Speaking? As an international English language teaching institute we talk to a lot of parents everyday and one of the biggest challenges they have is how to improve their children’s English speaking ability. Most parents understand that the ability to speak English fluently will be critical for the success of their child […]

Meet Native English Teacher Carlee

August 10, 2015
10 August 2015,

In this series of introducing some of our Native English Tutors, we are featuring Carlee today. Carlee has a strong background in Childhood Education as well as a passion for working with English learners from around the world.  Today she shares some of her insights in language learning and how she sees her role as a Native English Teacher working […]

Why teaching English to your kids is the smartest investment you can make

March 30, 2015
30 March 2015,

Learning a language is like learning to salsa dance. It is so much easier when you start young. It does not mean you can’t start late but learning a language or dancing  or playing golf becomes so much easier when you build that muscle memory from a younger age. And the great news is more and more parents are starting to […]