Meet Conversational English Tutor Christina

January 23, 2017
23 January 2017,

Tell us about your experience working as a Conversational English Tutor I have been teaching English for 8 years in Italy, France and Germany as a Conversational English tutor. I have worked with multiple English Language Schools,d with students ranging from young adults to professionals.  I also have experience working as an online English Conversation tutor to students from all over […]

5 Tips to Master the ‘Rhythm’ of Conversational English

October 18, 2016
18 October 2016,

Most English students struggle with the ‘rhythm’ of Conversational English. Tone, tempo and overall confidence matter a great deal in communicating effectively, yet is often the last thing taught. This is why a practice with a Native English speaker is so important in mastering Conversational English. In this post, we are going to look at 5 practical ways you can […]

5 Advantages of Practicing English with Native Speakers

July 7, 2016
7 July 2016,

When you start learning English or if you want to improve your English, one of the best things to do is to connect and get chatting with a native speaker. Most people have good resources when it comes to reading and writing, although many people lack authentic and regular conversation with native speakers. Of course, any conversation in English is […]

150 Conversation Topics For Spoken English Lessons

March 27, 2016
27 March 2016,

Spoken English Practice’s award winning Spoken English Lessons are 100% Conversational. A question that comes up often is, what kind of conversation topics do you use during class. Here is a list of sample conversation topics we use. Depending on your  Spoken English skill level, you can go as deep as you want in these topics. Remember, your teacher will […]

Meet Skype English Teacher Denise

March 15, 2016
15 March 2016,

Tell us a bit about your past experiences teaching English I have taught diction, comprehension, grammar, pronunciation, and enunciation to children between ages 4 and 11 through private Skype English lessons. I have also conducted Business English Lessons on Skype for professionals (managers, doctors, lawyers etc). I also have experience tutoring College level English writing and composition classes. Tell us […]