Are you an adult looking for Beginner English Lessons? READ THIS

January 12, 2017
12 January 2017,

Are you an adult looking for beginner English lessons? There are some key principles of language learning that you should understand that will help you to learn English faster. DO NOT work with a teacher who speaks your own language It is easy to work with an English teacher who also speaks your own language. For example, if your first […]

10 Conversation Topics for Beginner Level English Students

October 17, 2016
17 October 2016,

A question that we get often is “I’m a beginner level English student. I only know few words in English. Can I start speaking?” At Spoken English Practice, we encourage even students with beginner level English skills to start speaking as early as possible. If you don’t speak, you will never improve speaking. It is better to start practicing speaking […]