10 TV shows that will help you learn an American Accent

September 9, 2016
9 September 2016,

In English, as in any language, pronunciation is important to making yourself understood. If you’re learning English either while living in the US or hoping to move there at some point in the future, it’s a good idea to learn an American accent, so that people you talk with can understand you more easily. Of course, the accent changes depending […]

8 Sounds you need to Master to Speak with an American Accent

August 2, 2016
2 August 2016,

A question that we get asked often is “How to speak with an American Accent?”. If you want to speak with an American accent, the most important thing you need to do is to master some key sounds that are used by Native English Speakers in the US. This article is about getting you familiarized with those key sounds and […]

How to get an American Accent – 5 Innovative Tips

June 24, 2016
24 June 2016,

A question that comes to us very often is – How to get an American Accent. Getting an American accent and speaking English in a way that Americans understand is important for different groups of people. Firstly there are international students seeking internship and job opportunities in the US. For most opportunities, there will be an initial phone interview with HR, […]