Real Conversational English – The Smart Way To Learn English

December 18, 2014
18 December 2014,

A question that comes up often is what exactly is a session at Spoken English Practice like? And how is it unique from a lot of other online English Speaking courses? The simplest way to answer to that question is we do not try to teach English. All our sessions are 1 on 1 conversations between students and native English […]

The art of storytelling; lessons non-native English speakers can learn from Barak Obama

September 3, 2013
3 September 2013,

At Spoken English Practice, we believe that every non-native English speaker who aspires to go from good to great (intermediate to advanced) needs to practice the art of storytelling. Being an effective storyteller is one of the most essential skills for any leader — whether you are the mayor of a small town,  a president of an student organization, or […]